Using Music to Make People Come Together: Music for Peace

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Types of Electric Guitars You Can Get From Music Stores

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Guitars have always had a soft spot with people who have a love for music. If you are musically inclined, chances are you have experimented with this instrument. One of the more popular options with the younger generation is the electric guitars. These instruments are a staple for rock stars, and thus musically inclined youngsters who have taken an interest in this instrument would want to start by playing the electric guitar. Read More»

Want to Play the Saxophone? A Look at 4 Different Types of Saxophones

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There are many different types of saxophones which at times can become very confusing. If you’re learning how to play the saxophone for the first time, here is a brief overview of the four most popular saxophones available on the market today. Alto Saxophone The alto saxophone is the most commonly used in the saxophone family. When you think of a saxophone in a non-jazz sentiment, you are likely thinking of the alto saxophone. Read More»