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How to Brief Your Wedding DJ

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If you've decided to have a disco at the end of your reception, then you need to find a good wedding DJ. This isn't just about finding someone with all the right equipment who also happens to be free on your wedding day.

You should find a DJ who can create the perfect musical environment for you, your partner and your guests. A DJ can't do this on their own, however. You need to tell them what you want from your disco experience and check that they can deliver to your brief.

What kind of discussions should you be having?

What You Want

A good wedding DJ will want to know what kind of music you and your partner like. They will want to know about the age make-up of your guests. This helps them play the right songs at the right times during your reception. On a general level, talk to your DJ about artists and songs you like. Think about the different elements of the disco. For example, you need some floor-fillers as well as some romantic songs for later in the evening.

There may be times when you want the DJ to play a special song at a set time. For example, you may have a first dance moment, or you may want a specific song played when you get ready to leave the reception and go off on your honeymoon. Make sure the DJ knows exactly when these songs should be played. Check that they can get a copy in advance.

What You Don't Want

You may be happy to go with your DJ's flow for most of the disco, but there may be musical red lines that you don't want them to cross. It's just as important to tell your DJ what you don't want to hear as it is to tell them what you do. So, if you really don't like a certain musician, band or song, then tell the DJ. They can make sure they don't play anything that will spoil your night.

What the DJ Recommends

While you may know what you want from your disco, remember that your DJ may have ideas you haven't thought about. They have plenty of experience of running wedding discos and could give you some tips that will make your disco a real night to remember.

Make sure to have a chat with a few wedding DJs before you hire one. This gives you a chance to check that they can deliver what you want for the most important disco of your life.