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Types of Electric Guitars You Can Get From Music Stores

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Guitars have always had a soft spot with people who have a love for music. If you are musically inclined, chances are you have experimented with this instrument. One of the more popular options with the younger generation is the electric guitars. These instruments are a staple for rock stars, and thus musically inclined youngsters who have taken an interest in this instrument would want to start by playing the electric guitar. One thing to note though is that these electric guitars have been gradually modified over time to find the right balance between the tone of the instrument and its amplification.

Since the main aim of the electric guitar is to amplify sound over great distances, such as during a rock concert, the body of the guitar has undergone adjustments to make it better suited at achieving the desired range of tones. If you are looking to get an electric guitar for yourself, here are some of the different types of guitars that you could find at music stores.

Solid body

These electric guitars are known to sustain amplified levels of sound with the least amount of feedback noise. It has a number of variations whereby the body of the guitar either is hollowed or is made into a chamber. These variations are what allow it to have a lighter weight while still being able to achieve great resonance. Solid body guitars are suitable for almost all kinds of music, and you will find that all styles of modern rock can be played on the sold body electric guitars.

Semi hollow body

If you need an instrument that will produce acoustic sounds but still maintain high levels of amplification, then the semi hollow body electric guitars would be right up your alley. These types of instruments combine the sustenance of the solid body instruments while still having the resonance of a hollow body. This gives it a different sound that can be woody and resonant while also being bright and punchy. Due to these characteristics, you will find the semi hollow body electric guitars are used for a wide range of genres of music.

Hollow body

Although these instruments will generate an acoustic sound, they tend to be quite susceptible to feedback. This is especially true if played with high amplification levels. Hollow body electric guitars have arched tops and look quite similar to acoustic guitars. They generate full round tones making them a favourite with jazz guitarists.